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http://www.metan.is/resources/images/Metan/Headers/01.jpgMethane gas, which naturally arise from the degradation of bacteria in organic matter which oxygen does not come in contact with. Methane is produced from all organic materials on the surface of the earth such as all organic material from homes, all organic waste from industry, sewage, fish wastes among others. It can all be worked in to methane in a factory.

In Iceland methane is known to be safe and environmentally friendly vehicle fuel but all around the world it is also used in house warming and to produce electricity. For example in Denmark methane is made from manure and used to warm up their houses.  
In Iceland methane is mainly used on vehicles because of its environmental benefit versus other energizer such as petrol, diesel and battery.
Every molecule of methane as gas can cause 21 times more warming effective in the atmosphere than one molecule of carbon dioxide.

http://www.metan.is/resources/images/Metan/Headers/02.jpgA company called Sorpa is one of the biggest recycling company in Iceland and has produced methane from gas that is made by organic materials that degrades down for vehicles since the year 2000. If you collect this gas a great environmental benefit can be earned, because  methane doesn’t go out in the atmosphere and can there for not cause global warming. The methane fuel that is produced from this gas is 98% clean, or 125-130 octane fuel.
By using Icelandic methane you can reduce very much of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Methane is safer than petrol and diesel because:
Methane is harmless gas by inhalation and it is not dangerous to touch unlike gas from petrol and diesel which can be very dangerous and even cause death.
Methane doesn’t harm soil or nearest environment if it comes in touch with the environment from a vehicle unlike petrol and diesel. 
Methane is very light, lighter that the atmosphere.

Methane is completely without smell and there for people have put smell into it so you can feel it when it leaks.
Cars that go by methane release 20% less of CO2 in to the atmosphere than normal diesel or petrol vehicle.
If you want to learn more about methane you can visit: www.metan.is

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Written by Amna, Egill and Kristjana.