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 http://www.reykjavik.is/Portaldata/1/Resources/umhverfissvid/frettir/IMG_4913.JPG - An environmental car.Many people say that biodiesel is the organic environmental source of energy that has the most potential to become a reality today. That means that many people believe that biodiesel is the most likely to become profitable. It is possible to produce biodiesel in many ways, like from vegetable oil and animal fat. It can be said that all of the biodiesel is produced from fat because oil is fat in a liquid form in room temperature. That is why biodiesel is a recycled source of energy.

Biodiesel releases less greenhouse gases then the usual mineral diesel oil. It is still being debated that it increases release of nitric oxide. Biodiesel degrades easily in nature. When biodiesel is used on cars, sometimes it is used in a certain proportion with normal oil. One of the things that make´s biodiesel unlike normal oil is that it lubricates the engine better.

Rape is an energy plant that can produce biodiesel. These kinds of seeds are very rich of oil. Rape oil is used in food oil, various industries and in fuel. The seed is pressed and the oil comes out complete. For food oil it only requires to filter the oil but for machine use the glycerol must be eliminated with methanol.

In our county the farmers in cooperation with our community and the agriculture school have started an experiment to explore how realistic the chances are to grow rape in our county because we live in one of the most Northern regions.  Rape contents really high protein and that is why it is such an advantage. And that is the reason why it can be used in feeding animals.

http://esv.blog.is/img/tncache/500x500/da/esv/img/lifdisel.jpg - A rape field. Rape was planted this fall in our county. That rape can live for two years and it will be interesting weather it can live through the winter. Also camellia sativa was planted which is in the same family as rape, she will be harvested later this fall. 
Abroad rape has not been a good plant for producing biodiesel. There people use more and more soya bean´s and other plants that can give more of biodiesel per hectare.

Not so long ago a company in the north of Iceland was in the news for producing biodiesel from animal fat. They get the fat from the closest slaughterhouse. That production can create new jobs and also it can save valuable currency because then you don´t need to import as much of other energy sources.

Biodiesel is not flawless, it cannot stand much cold. In every kilo of biodiesel there is 37-39 MJ but in normal diesel the energy content 43MJ/kg. There is less energy content in biodiesel. Biodiesel can damage plastic and rubber in fuel systems and can also make precipitation in their engines.  A lot of energy and land is needed to grow the plants and produce biodiesel from them so it is not likely that it can be produced enough quantity to replace biodiesel.

In the end it is worth to consider whether it is possible to use arable land to cultivate rapeseed. People have to have in mind that food safety has to be ensured and not to get caught up in making biodiesel exclusively. It would probably be for the best if a farmer who produces biodiesel grows that much that it is enough for all his machines during the production of biodiesel.

Presentation about biofuel in Lithuania held by the Icelandic students.

Presentation about biofuel held by the Lithuanian students.

Written by Amna, Egill and Kristjana.