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The farm Hoffell
hoffell1Hoffell is about 19 km from Höfn. The nature around Hoffell is very beautiful  and it is full of contrast,  from  ice cold glacier water to applied geothermal heat or from a huge flat open space to steep mountains. Hoffell has a lot to offer accommodation, AVT-tours, hot tubs with geothermal water and many exciting walkways. – Something for everyone. The accommodation houses around 20-50 people per day at summer time but during winter time around 5-10. Two persons work there  all year long but 4-5 persons on summer time. The tourist buisness has become full time job.

The glacier Hoffellsjökull
hoffell2The glacier Hoffellsjökull is about 700 meters high and lies about 10 km down to the flatland. In the middle of the 20th century people in Höfn went to the glacier Hoffelsjökull to get some ice to chill  fish and keep it fresh, both on boats at sea and on land. Near the hot tubs you can see pictures  of the changes in the glacier from the year 2008-2010.

Geothermal heat
Hornafjörður lies on one of the so called "Cold Areas" and therefore it was always thought that no geothermal heat could be found there. In the beginning of the 20th century an extensive search for geothermal heat was started in the area. Since then a few experimental drilling were made near Hoffell and it has been discovered that they are workable.
Part of the Lithuanian group relaxing in the hot tubs in Hoffell.Now the wells at Hoffell produce about 5 liter per second of 36° C hot water pouring from one of the bores. Other wells in the area have been giving between 50° C and 60° C on about the deph 350-400 metres.
The water is natural water and comes straight from the earth, it is 60° and it is cooled down to 40°in the hot tubs. It has been found that the water helps people with skin diseases and it is being tested by the University and HSSA in Höfn. The water is mainly used to heat up the houses in Höfn and in the county.
The hot water was discovered 10 years ago.
The future plans are to build up health related tourism with a spa and such acommotation.

Written by Aleksandra and Kristjana