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The AER group at Horn. The landschape of Horn is very special. A long sandy beach on one hand and majestic rocky mountains on the other. At the  sea there are  cliffs, and from there you can spot seals  in the sea near the rocks and there is much birdlife.

During the years 1955-2003 a military base  was operated in Stokknes. There  worked  130-140 people  most of them  were American soldiers.  Now only  a few Icelanders work there.  This place has been popular for  films and adsvertisements.  For example, the film "Svo á jörðu sem á himni" and Beowulf. The radarstation in Stokksnes.

An unique landscape at Horn. In 2008, there were plans of making a big viking film at Horn. Much time and money was spent  designing  the sets.  The production company failed to  fund this movie . Therefore, complete stages have been standing  waiting for 3 years. Now further plans are in the making of a film and hopefully these sets will  be used in filming 2012-2013.

Service for tourists is a new feature at Horn.  There is for example a site for camping wans and a café and in the near future there are plans for a guest house.

Written by Hannes