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Jón Páll Sveinsson

Jón Páll Sveinsson My name is Jón Páll, I’m 18 years old and I live in the town Höfn. I live with my family in the middle of the town. I live close to the school and most of the stores in town. My father is a carpenter and my mother works for the social services of Höfn. I have one older brother who is 24 years old and one sister who is 28 years old, they have both moved out so I live alone with my parents.

I like to listen to music, hang out with my friends, play video games and sometimes I go out with my friends and play some sports. I like to listen to a lot of music and I listen to almost everything, my favorite bands are Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, System of a Down, The Doors, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Nirvana, I also like a lot of other different bands. When there are good bands playing in Iceland I do my best to see them live, this year I saw the Eagles and in November I’m going to see Elvis Costello. The sports I’m mostly interested in skateboarding, freestyle biking and other similar sports.

I think that covers most of it, but if you want to know something more about me you can send me an email or add me to MSN.