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Egill Eiríksson

Egill EiríkssonMy name is Egill Eiríksson. I’m born 1st. September 1993, so I have just turned 18. I have been studying Natural Science at FAS for 2 years now. I will hopefully graduate at the end of next term. I prefer to learn math, physics and chemistry rather than philosophy, history and sociology.

I live 7 km south of Höfn. I drive every day to school. I live on a quite big farm called Seljavellir. We have around 200 cattle and 60 of them are milking cows. We recently built a new cowshed with a Delaval milking robot. We also have couple of sheep, just for hobby. I’m very active in taking care of the all the animals on the farm.

I have all kinds of hobbies e.g. sports, such as football, music, programming and hanging out with friends and much more.

We are six in the family. My mother (Elín), my dad (Eiríkur), my oldest sister Ásta Steinunn (20), my younger sister Sigurborg (11), and my brother Oddleifur (10), he is the youngest.

I don’t have many plans for the future but I have ideas about it.