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Hannes Halldórsson

Hannes Halldórsson Hello my name is Hannes Halldórsson and I will be 18 years old in June. I live on a farm not far from the town of Höfn and I have lived there all my life.

There are four of us in my family, my mother Olga, my father Halldór and my brother Einar Björn. We also have four dogs; Doppa, Lubbi, Kátur and Spori. We have just over 300 sheeps, some cows and 2 horses.


I like music, sports travelling, driving a tractor or a four wheeler.  I also like hanging whith friends, often taking over driving duties for them and I like having fun playing with my  computer. I am also a member of a rescue team where I can help people in trouble.


At each new years eve the whole extended family meets at my home and we eat together good food and celebrate with a big fire and loads of fireworks which I have quite a lot of fun firing up.


In school I am stuying to become a  carpenter. For that I need to study 2 languages and Mathematics, Icelandic and other subjects. I like FAS but I plan on going to Akureyri to finish my studies and in the future I am going to be a carpenter or a farmer.