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Júlían Bent Austar Egilsson

Júlían Bent Austar EgilssonMy name is Julian I‘m 17 years old, born July 1994. I live in a small town called Höfn in south-east Iceland and have lived there all my life. I am 187cm tall and weighing about 70kg.

My family consists of 5 people, there’s me, my older brother Fannar, my sister Helga which’s only 2 years old, Birna, my mother and Egill, my father. I also have 2 half-siblings, Helgi my brother who lives in Reykjavík and Ásta my sister who also lives in Reykjavík. My father works as the right hand of the sheriff ( a sheriff here in Iceland doesn’t do the same things as an American sheriff :) ). My mother however works as a hairdresser, she is one of four hairdressers in town. Strange thing is the hair salon is located just behind our house. It used to be our garage until about 11 years ago when my parents decided to expand the garage adding a hair salon to it.

My interest of course revolve somewhat around friends and what not, films and a variety of sports, mostly track and fields, but I only tend to follow the sports since I quit most sports few years ago for no apparent reason.

My future plans include finding a decent university where I would either study computer science, 3d graphics or film editing, currently I think I’ll be going with computer science.