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Kristey Lilja Valgeirsdóttir

Kristey Lilja ValgeirsdóttirHi !

My name is Kristey Lilja Valgeirsdóttir and I´m 17 years old. I have two younger brothers, Ívar Örn 15 and Ægir Þór 8, they are both in primary school. My mother works in a kindergarten and owns her own shop which sells sport clothes and shoes. My father is a painter and runs his own business here in Höfn. During the summers I work for him. My pets are goldfishes but I don’t give them names because they’re so many.

I live in a small town called Höfn in south-east of Iceland with my family. I play football with the premier team in Höfn, but I have trained since I was 6 years old. I also coach gymnastics because I trained in gymnastics from 3 - 15 years old. I like to hang out with my friends and family and travel. I´m on my second year in FAS, wich is the college in Höfn, and planning to graduate 2013. I study natural sciences. I don’t know what I´m going to do in the future but I think I will go to  university. Before I go to university I want to travel around the world.