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Emilija Kavaliauskaitė


My name is Emilija Kavaliauskaitė and I'm 15 yeas old. I have a younger brother Valentas. He is 2 years old and attends the kindergarten. My mum works as a teacher of Lithuanian at Stasys Šalkauskis gymnasium . My dad is a civil servant. During the weekends and my summer holidays I work for my grandmother who has a company. I live in a small town Ginkūnai which is near Šiauliai. Music is really important to me. Last year I finished music school and now I'm playing in a band. I love playing the piano, guitar, bass, drums and singing. I also like hanging out with my friends, going to the concerts, playing football, swimming. My future is still unknown  for me, because my plans are changing every year. But I'm only a freshman in a high school so I have a lot of time to decide what I'm gonna be in future.