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Benas Žukauskas


My name is Benas Žukauskas and I`m 16 years old. As you know I`m from LITHUANIA. I`m living in town named Šiauliai, it has about 120 000 inhabitants.

I`m living with my family about 15 min. by foot from city centre and 30 min. from school. My family consists of father, mother, myself and my older brother.

I go to a school called Stasio Šalkauskio GYMNASIUM. I'm mostly interested in history, math, biology, arts, physics, languages, geography and in other subjects.

After school I go to play in music shool orchestra or play with my saxophone, but I have graduated music school two years ago so it`s just for fun now. Also I`m going to Kyokushink karate, one of the Japanese martial art style, KYokušin is considered one of the most aggressive style of karate.  I also belong to school parliament and other councils, they are my biggest hobbies. After all those hobbies when I have free time I`m mostly studing, chating with my friends or sometimes plaing old time strategy games.