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Ugnė Vilčiauskaitė

Ugnė VilčiauskaitėHello my new friend from Iceland ! How are you?

My name is Ugnė Vilčiauskaitė. I‘m a very communicative person, who likes the same people. I‘m 18 years old (and I love this age so much!!). If it‘s better to you, we can talk in Russian, I have been learning it for 5 years, but I still can‘t speak clearly in this language, so I prefer English.

Although my parent‘s can talk just in Lithuanian or Russian, but this is a small problem, I will help you to understand them or to say something.

I must tell you a few things about myself to let you know me. I like sport, especially volleyball (I have been playing it for 9 years, can you imagine it? Cause I can‘t). Furthermore I like nightlife, parties, meeting my friends, entertainments in open air. The same as most teenagers, I can‘t live without computer (music, internet and all the others good things in it). I‘m interested in things, which I‘m learning at school. The most in biology and chemistry. I think where won‘t be an end for this letter, so I put the dot for today and will tell you later about the other things. I look forward to meet you.

Best wishes, Ugnė