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Aurelija Urbonaitė

Aurelija UrbonaitėHey, guys ;-)

My name is Aurelija Urbonaitė and I’m 18 years old. I’m really happy, that I am going to participate in this Nordplus Junior project.  I have never been to Iceland before and I want to come there very much. I have been in Sweden and Latvia with Nordplus Junior project. I really like to meet  new people from different countries. Moreover, it’s a good chance to improve my English and communications skills. Something about me: people say that I’m really active. I think the same. I have a lot of hobbies, but I prefer music, sport and, of course, friends. I play the guitar and a little bit the piano. I like alternative rock music, singing poetry and everything that goes from one's heart :-)  I also play volleyball in one of Šiauliai girls' team. I love this game. ( I hope we‘ll be able to play it together :-)

Furthemore, I love my school and the friends from the school. I try to mantain a good atmosphere there as I organize various events, conterts and other activities.

I‘m looking forward to see you all and believe that we‘ll have a lot of  positive experiences and entertaining activities.

See you :-)