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Hjördís Skírnisdóttir

Hjördís SkírnisdóttirMy name is Hjördís Skírnisdóttir and my main subjects in FAS are German and Geology. I've been teaching since 1992. During the first years I tought in primary schools, both in the capital area and here in Höfn. Since 1997 I have been teaching in the secondary school Framhaldsskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu (FAS). Since 2003 I have been taking care of foreign relations at the school.

I was born in Höfn and lived the first 16 years on a farmhouse 7 kilometers away from the town. I'm the youngest of five brothers and sisters. After primary school I needed to go to college in Reykjavík. After graduation I went to the Iceland University of Education and later I studied German and Geology at the University of Iceland. When I lived in Reykjavík I also went to the Iceland Tourist Guide School and for many years I have worked as tourist guide during school's summer recess. I mostly guide in the vicinity of Höfn. Many of the best known places in the country are in our county like: Skaftafell National Park, the ice lake Jökulsárlón and the glaciers Skálafellsjökull and Hoffellsjökull. Every year we have a lot of tourists from the whole world.

I very much like to stay with my family (a husband and a twelve years old daughter). We love going hiking and we travel a lot both in Iceland and other countries. I am looking forward to visit Lithunia and getting to know a foreign country.