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Aurelija Urbonaitė

Aurelija UrbonaitėHey, guys ;-)

My name is Aurelija Urbonaitė and I’m 18 years old. I’m really happy, that I am going to participate in this Nordplus Junior project.  I have never been to Iceland before and I want to come there very much. I have been in Sweden and Latvia with Nordplus Junior project. I really like to meet  new people from different countries. Moreover, it’s a good chance to improve my English and communications skills. Something about me: people say that I’m really active. I think the same. I have a lot of hobbies, but I prefer music, sport and, of course, friends. I play the guitar and a little bit the piano. I like alternative rock music, singing poetry and everything that goes from one's heart :-)  I also play volleyball in one of Šiauliai girls' team. I love this game. ( I hope we‘ll be able to play it together :-)

Furthemore, I love my school and the friends from the school. I try to mantain a good atmosphere there as I organize various events, conterts and other activities.

I‘m looking forward to see you all and believe that we‘ll have a lot of  positive experiences and entertaining activities.

See you :-)

Austėja Lanzbergaitė

Austėja Lanzbergaitė My name is Austėja Lanzbergaitė and I‘m 15 years old. I live with my parents, mother Naina and father Andrius, and little sister, Doroteja. Also we have a Belgian Shepherd (Malinois) dog, it’s name is Blaze.
My dad has auto workshop service and repairs car electronics. As a part time of job he works in printing house as computer network administrator. My mother is a lawyer. I like singing and I sing in the school choir and I like to draw on the silk. I go to music school (I play a guitar and a piano) for 4 years and also I go to arts school, because I want to study architecture or design.

Benas Žukauskas


My name is Benas Žukauskas and I`m 16 years old. As you know I`m from LITHUANIA. I`m living in town named Šiauliai, it has about 120 000 inhabitants.

I`m living with my family about 15 min. by foot from city centre and 30 min. from school. My family consists of father, mother, myself and my older brother.

I go to a school called Stasio Šalkauskio GYMNASIUM. I'm mostly interested in history, math, biology, arts, physics, languages, geography and in other subjects.

After school I go to play in music shool orchestra or play with my saxophone, but I have graduated music school two years ago so it`s just for fun now. Also I`m going to Kyokushink karate, one of the Japanese martial art style, KYokušin is considered one of the most aggressive style of karate.  I also belong to school parliament and other councils, they are my biggest hobbies. After all those hobbies when I have free time I`m mostly studing, chating with my friends or sometimes plaing old time strategy games.

Birutė Pugačiūtė

Birutė PugačiūtėMy name is Birutė Pugačiūtė. I am sixteen years old, but soon I will be seventeen. I like dancing, playing guitar, watching movies, collecting postcards, reading books. Also I like listening to such bands as Depeche Mode, The Kills, The Knife, Bjork, Lou Reed, AC/DC and so on. I can speak Lithuanian, English and little Germany. However, this year I started learning French.

Emilija Kavaliauskaitė


My name is Emilija Kavaliauskaitė and I'm 15 yeas old. I have a younger brother Valentas. He is 2 years old and attends the kindergarten. My mum works as a teacher of Lithuanian at Stasys Šalkauskis gymnasium . My dad is a civil servant. During the weekends and my summer holidays I work for my grandmother who has a company. I live in a small town Ginkūnai which is near Šiauliai. Music is really important to me. Last year I finished music school and now I'm playing in a band. I love playing the piano, guitar, bass, drums and singing. I also like hanging out with my friends, going to the concerts, playing football, swimming. My future is still unknown  for me, because my plans are changing every year. But I'm only a freshman in a high school so I have a lot of time to decide what I'm gonna be in future.

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