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The AER project awarded a prize

The eTwinning conference in Reykjavík - October 2012. A conference was held in Reykjavik on  Thursday October 4th.  This was on behalf on eTwinning which is one of educational programs of the E.U.  Electroinc cooperation between schools was the subject of the conference and how teachers can develope their subject of teaching.  On this ocation prizes were given for the best eTwinning projects during the school year 2011-2012.  Prizes were given in three categories, playschools, elementary schools and secondary schools.
The project http://aer.fas.is/ from last years cooperation between FAS and Šiaulių Stasio Šalkauskio Gymnazija in Lithuania about alternative and renewable energy scourses was awarded the prize for the secondary schools. The prize is 175.000 ISK which will be used for equipment for similar projects.

Comments about the project on behalf of the panel of judges were " The project is extensive and ambitious and touches on an important subject.  The webpage of the project is comprehensive and well made.  A good cooperation and  friendship has been formed between the participants  and mutual visits the each other countries.  The use of I.C.T. is diverse and the product is interesting.  During the project knowledge on the subject was increased considerably and much improvement in English and social skills were observed". 
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Saturday the 25th - Time to go home....

Waiting for the check in at Keflavík airport. We got up early in Sunday morning and had breakfast. After that we packed up and went to the airport. Traveling from Keflavik to Copenhagen and from there to Vilnius airport, we had all the time for sharing experiences, memories and feelings about trip we just had.At the terminal in Keflavík.

Even though we were tired from long journey, we have really enjoyed the memories, which will remain long and even more new friends.

Written by Benas




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Saturday the 24th - Back to Keflavík

Time to say good bye.

The last morning together with the Icelanders, who became our best friends. It was hard to say goodbye and leave them, but I believe, that we will meet again. Our Journey began in town Hofn, from which we traveled 12 hours to a hotel in Keflavik. While travelling, we saw one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland – Gulfoss, some geysers and national park. In the evening we went to Solveig's house in Reykjavik and her mother made a delicious Saying good bye wasn't easy. dinner for us. The soup and the cakes were very delicious. At about 9 p.m. we came to Keflavik hotel and we were really tired, but went to our beds full of impressions, that Reykjavik left us.

Paulina Gruslyte



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Friday the 23rd March - East Iceland

We left from Höfn at seven in the morning. This day we were traveling to the East side of the Iceland. The first place we stopped was aluminum factory “Alcoa” in Reyðarfjörður. Where was presentation abAurelija, Óskar an Júlian. out how 4 t of aluminum ore becomes into a 2 t of aluminum oxide and after that it becomes into 1 t of pure aluminum. We even had a chance to see were aluminum is being melted and poured into ingots.




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Thursday the 22nd March - rain at the coast

Group work. In the morning all of the students were working in the groups. We were trying to find out how Icelanders and Lithuanians waste energy and also to give some piece of advice how we can save it.Presenting the findings of the groupwork.

After a short break we were working in the groups again, but now we were summarizing the work of the whole projects. Students prepared speeches about what have we learned and what skills we have improved in this project. We also compared Iceland and Lithuania geographically, culturally and socially.


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